(COD:Solafro) Thessaloniki Kalamaria Appartment



Thessaloniki Kalamaria Appartment 2 Bedrooms livingroom kitchen wc bathroom, clean meter 114sqm, outside meter: 140sqm, 1983. Extra: 1) balcons: 2. 2) Airy. 3) Elevator4) Parking5) Clean building, good construction. 6) Fireplace from marbles7) Infrared Heating Panels redwell8) Security door Doral9) 2 air-conditions inverter LG (18-24btu)10) 2 tent 6m/each11) marbles kavala to balcons12) Aloumin fenced13) Alarm14) Aluminum window shields, 15) livingroom marbles karnazeika16) Led lights in kitchen17) Electric kitchen Pitsos, fridge Pitsos, washing machine LG.18) Furniture for clothes from solid. 19) Beds from Rubberwood and veneer.20) Big Warehouse21) Private lounge bar in livingroom22) Decorative Roof Roses23) Complementary Wall and Ceiling Decoration24) 2 crystalline polyeles with 6 lights